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10 Things That Are Hurting Your Blog

You pour yourself into everything you write and yet you feel like it isn’t being seen. All that time and effort you took to put yourself out there and it yet it feels like you have failed. It might not be your content that is bringing you down. These 10 things are hurting your blog.


10 Things that are hurting your blog


No Images


When you are scrolling on the internet the first thing you notice is the images. Having good images helps draw people to your site. Many times if there is not an image, in the beginning, it won’t get clicked on and won’t be read.


Don’t forget that having only one picture and too much content can make readers leave. It’s just like when you look at children who would rather choose a picture book over a chapter book. Also, we judge books by their covers as well.


Think of your site’s images as the cover of your content. It will be clicked on and read based on the cover image. Then they will skim through to see how long it is and how many images there are.


Not editing your images


Sometimes you will take such a wonderful photo and want to use it for your blog. Problem is that it might not match the theme or even color scheme of your site. That is why you should always edit your images.


The more cohesive your site the more attention it can get.


Not creating pinnable images for Pinterest


This is a pretty big way to hurt your blog. The reason is that Pinterest is a huge search engine like google, but for images. Basically, you can put all of your favorite ideas and sites together with a visual bookmark.


The better you can master Pinterest and have pinnable images, the better chance you have to bring in traffic.


No way to share it


Even without Pinterest, there are ways to bring in traffic to your site. Social Media is a big factor behind Pinterest. The only problem is do you have a way for your readers to share your content on social media?


Usually, there are buttons on the articles or by the images. The reason is that the easier it is to share the more likely it will be shared. And you want them to share your content. So, add buttons by your images, at the bottom of the article, or at the top of the article.


Just make sure your readers can easily share your content, but not look spammy.


You are not sharing on your social media


If you won’t get the word out there about your content then why would anyone else? Share your work with the world. Once you get the ball rolling with sharing your own content others will surely follow.


It can also bring in some great traffic.


There is no point


Content that rambles on and doesn’t have a point won’t be read. Make sure that you have a very clear point with what you plan to write about. Stick to that point. And make sure that your point comes across to the reader.


Have someone proofread your content to make sure.


No headers and hard to read


I bet you skim each article you read first to check that you actually want to read it. Or you skim them because you don’t have much time and want the gist of the article. Either way, you are looking at the headers, but does your post have headers?


If not, then you are hurting your content and your site because in this day and age we like everything simple and to the point. If you can’t skim an article or look at the images to know what the article is about then you won’t read it.


Make your articles easy to read with headers and you may find that your traffic increases.


You aren’t keeping your readers on your site


Ads may be clicked, links may be checked out, but you keeping your readers on your site is key. Add to their experience and help them find articles with similar topics to what they are reading by adding a “read more” type of section to each article.


The more they read your content the more likely they will find an article they want to share. And you have a better chance of them continuing to come back to your site.


No consistency


Being on a site that has too many topics that don’t connect can be bothersome. You want to see all the content for that topic, not something that talks about everything under the sun.


Looking up recipes should get you to a site that dedicates itself to cooking, not having topics like video games, how to change a tire, ways to tie your shoes, skateboarding tricks, and more. So, keep your content consistent so that your readers know what to expect.


Don’t forget that they want content on a regular basis. That may mean posting once a week, once a month, or as many times as you would like. Just make sure they know when to expect your content.


A cluttered/ messy website


I am pretty sure you have been on those websites that just have too much going on. An overload of ads everywhere you turn. Pop-up after pop-up that doesn’t go away. And way too many colors that you just want to close the tab.


Don’t be that site. Keep your blog nice and clean. Have a theme, stick to it, and realize that simple is better than overcomplicating things. Messy blogs are not ones that people want to stay on, let alone come back to. Do yourself a favor and keep your website clean and attractive to bring in the readers.


There you have it


Those are 10 things that are hurting your blog and you can fix them today. Take the time and put in the work for your blog so that your content doesn’t go unnoticed.


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Are you actually hurting your blog instead of helping it? Find out at #blog #bloginsight #blogging Are you actually hurting your blog instead of helping it? Find out at #blog #bloginsight #blogging Are you actually hurting your blog instead of helping it? Find out at #blog #bloginsight #blogging

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