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12 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Starting a blog comes with a lot of learning and it isn’t always easy to sift through everything out there. When it comes to WordPress there are so many plugins and options to choose from.


Don’t get me wrong, that is what makes WordPress so wonderful. Many of us choose it for the amazing quality and ease of customization.


Does the customization make it harder though?


In a way it does. The reason being that there are so many options that do the same thing if not similar. It may mean a different layout or pricing, but sometimes it is almost identical.


That is what makes it so hard. Which one do you choose? Which plugins work? What plugin does the best job? How about looking the way you want it to?


So many questions. So many choices. And yet everyone usually has a different opinion.


But, then again there are some plugins that most WordPress users agree upon.

Must-have WordPress Plugins


There are many different types of plugins to have. Whether you need ones that make your website secure or just to customize it more, there are a lot of different plugins you will need.


Security plugins


Keeping your website secure is very important and you don’t want it to be hacked or anything else. Your viewers trust you as time goes on and you don’t want something to happen to your website or to your viewer’s information. Security is highly important.


Social media plugins


There are multiple types of plugins for social media. It could be that you want your social media feeds to show on your website or that you want to make it easier for your viewers to share your article. Either way, you want them to be able to spread the word and connect with you. That means yet another plugins or two.


Customization plugins


Sometimes the customization options already installed won’t do what you want it to do. Maybe it means to grab a new theme or add a new plugin to change that. These plugins help out a lot when there is a specific thing you would like on your website. Some even help out with the way your posts are written or fonts and font sizes. Either way, if you want to add or change something these may be needed.


SEO plugins


This is another one that is higher in importance. The reason being that search engine optimization (SEO) is what drives traffic to your website. Without the traffic, your articles won’t be seen and your website won’t grow. We all want people to see what we spend so much time writing or creating and without optimizing our articles or website, in general, we lose that traffic. SEO plugins take the guessing out of trying to optimize your website and articles. Makes it one less thing to quickly learn when starting a new blog or website.


Site speed plugins


No one likes a slow website. This actually turns people away. Fixing it can actually be simple by adding a plugin or two to speed things up. You may need one to speed up the website and another one to speed up image loading time. Once your site’s speed has improved it will make it much more attractive to viewers.


Cookie compliance plugins


This is actually pretty new and came with such an annoyance. If your website will be viewed in Europe and you want to make money off of ads or not get into trouble then you will need a cookie compliance policy. This is made much easier with a plugin though. Save yourself a bit of time and worry by picking out a cookie compliance plugin.


Analysis plugins


I bet you will want to know what is going on with your website. It may be about how many page views you get a day, how many times the article has been shared, etc. that is where an analysis plugin comes into play. These are extremely helpful in figuring out where you may need to improve, etc..


Email opt-in plugins


How are you supposed to connect with those who read their emails? What about specials just for those who open their email? You will need a subscription option for your website. Whether it be clean and simple or something all out, being able to expand your email list is huge and something you should care about.


Ease of WordPress plugins


Now, these are the plugins that make WordPress even easier to use. It could be something to help with inserting code or adding on affiliate links or even ads. It doesn’t matter what you may be needing to make simpler, this type of plugins help you out.


Which plugins do these jobs the best?


Now that we know what types of plugins there are it is time to figure out which plugins to actually get. Each type will have multiple options for the plugin, but they aren’t all the same. I do suggest that you look at what each of them is before you choose one, but do note that some are loved by far a lot more than others.


That does not mean you should just grab only these ones because I said so, but instead see if they match what you need. I am only suggesting the ones that I actually use and have found extremely helpful. That does not mean there aren’t others out there that may suit your needs better. So, do explore other options as well. I have just found these ones to be necessary and work the best.


Let’s get to it then.


Security plugins


  • Akismet anti-spam
  • Jetpack


Social media plugins


  • SumoMe
  • Feed Them social


Customization plugins


  • Elementor


SEO plugins


  • Yoast SEO


Site speed plugins


  • Jetpack
  • Smush


Cookie compliance plugins


  • GDPR Cookie Consent


Analysis plugins


  • Jetpack
  • Google Analytics


Email plugins


  • MailChimp for WP


Ease of WordPress plugins


  • Insert headers and footers
  • Broken link checker


A quick recap of the must-have plugins


  1. SumoMe
  2. Smush
  3. Google analytics
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. Jetpack
  6. Insert headers and footers
  7. Akismet anti-spam
  8. Broken link checker
  9. Elementor
  10. MailChimp
  11. GDPR cookie consent
  12. Feed them social


There you go!


I hope this was helpful to you and let me know in the comments below if there is anything else you might want to know!


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Have a blog or website with WordPress.org? Check out the 12 must-have plugins you will need at lifeofaura.com. #blog #bloggingtips #WordPress #plugins
Have a blog or website with WordPress.org? Check out the 12 must-have plugins you will need at lifeofaura.com. #blog #bloggingtips #WordPress #plugins
Have a blog or website with WordPress.org? Check out the 12 must-have plugins you will need at lifeofaura.com. #blog #bloggingtips #WordPress #plugins

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