15 Tips to Survive Your First Time at EDC Las Vegas

The Electric Daisy Carnival is an experience that is so grand and wonderful that you will always want more. People go year after year and they have a new and exciting experience every single time. But what if you are attending EDC for the first time? How should you prepare yourself for this new experience so that you make the most out of it?


Going to your very first EDC Vegas is an exciting moment, but how do you prepare for something that you have never been to before? Here are 15 tips to help you survive your first EDC Vegas. #edclv #edcvegas #festival #edm #electricdaisycarnival

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15 Tips to Survive Your First Time at EDC Las Vegas


Do not forget your ID


This is highly important because you will not be let in without it. EDC is an 18+ event but they have even more need for an ID due to theft. Yes, people have had their tickets stolen before and that is in no way acceptable or fun. They did try to amp up the security and get rid of this problem by tying your wristband number to your name. Hence why you have to scan your wristband and show your ID. So do not forget this.


I also suggest bringing a backpack, a hydration pack that has pockets, or a fanny pack to put your ID and money in so that you can put a lock on it to keep it safe.


Bring money for food


You will get hungry. The more you have a blast, the more you dance, and the more you sweat the hungrier you will be. They have stalls with different types of food to suit basically everyone, but of course, you need to pay for it. Now I will give you a bonus tip, the most filling and worth the cost food item I always go back to is the chicken tenders and fries. With this, I actually was sustained for a great amount of time which most did not do. Plus they are delicious. I highly suggest it.


Do not take your wristband off


EDC Las Vegas lasts for 3 days. Do not take your wristband off at all for those 3 days. The wristbands are made of fabric so that they can get wet and withstand a lot. They are also quite difficult to get off without cutting them due to the locking method they chose. So just take showers with it. Wash your hands. Sleep. Become one with your wristband and you will be able to attend all 3 days of EDC Las Vegas.


Stay hydrated


Water is your best friend. Plain and simple. You are supposed to drink about a gallon a day of water to stay healthy. But when you are at EDC you need to drink more than that because you will sweat it all out. Bring a water bottle. A hydration pack. Something. You will need it and the wonderful thing is that they have refilling stations there for you. Only thing is that you go into EDC with any liquid to start. You just need to have an empty water bottle or empty hydration pack to get in and refill for free there.


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Be friendly


Everyone is there to have a great time and a wonderful experience. Be friendly and kind. Making new friends and connecting is just one of the amazing things about EDC and something most of us that go wouldn’t miss for the world. Small talk or compliments with those around you make them have a great experience and can make yours too. If you see someone that needs help then help them out. Though if you find someone who needs medical attention you need to help them to make sure that no one is injured at EDC. Kindness goes a long way and potentially saving someone’s life is something that should be done.


There is barely any phone service


You may love posting on social media right away. Or texting those you lost in the crowd. These may not happen at EDC Las Vegas for you because the cell reception for many service providers is almost non-existent. It will be pretty hard for you to contact each other or post your selfie. The biggest problem about this is that if you lose a friend in the crowd or you get lost you can’t text them to find each other. And many people planned to rely on texting to find those who are lost, which won’t end up working out.


Going to your very first EDC Vegas is an exciting moment, but how do you prepare for something that you have never been to before? Here are 15 tips to help you survive your first EDC Vegas. #edclv #edcvegas #festival #edm #electricdaisycarnival


Set up meeting points


You will need to set up some meeting points and times in case someone gets lost or wants to wander around. Not everyone wants to see the same people and that is where this comes in handy. Pick a landmark for everyone to meet up at and what time if people plan to break off alone. That way you all can find each other again because spotting your friend in that large of a crowd will not happen.


Trade Kandi


Trading Kandi with someone creates a memory. And an even longer memory when you see that same piece of Kandi later on and remember that person and what you talked about. Kandi brings people together and brings an experience that you don’t usually get to see or take part in. Most people make their own when they plan to trade it, but some buy it as well.


Dress accordingly


Las Vegas in May can get quite hot during the day, but pretty chilly at night. So take both sets of clothing with you. Something for the hot days and a jacket or so to stay warm at night. Now it may not be needed if you love to stay in the crowds at each stage because you will be very hot from dancing and the body heat of tons of people will make a chilly breeze feel like heaven. Just try not to get sick from the chilly night due to sweating when it is over.


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No drugs


EDC has a drug free policy. There are people who sneak drugs in and it can ruin the time of other people because passing out drugs is never a good thing. Let alone taking drugs while at EDC. Just be smart and don’t do it. Trust me you don’t need to be on drugs or drunk to have an amazing time at EDC.


Don’t drink too much


Even though you don’t have to drink at EDC to have a blast some people want to have a bit to drink. It’s pretty normal because it is basically an amazing vacation. Just know your limits and be respectful. You don’t need to be hammered and you don’t need to bother others because you drank too much.


Experience all of the stages


Check out the lineup and set times of your favorite artists and go see them. But when you have a block of time that you don’t know of who to see then just wander around to each stage. This is the best way to check out all stages and see what there is instead of having tunnel vision and only experiencing what you planned out. You will also get to see the art cars and art installations if you do this along with the market and meet some wonderful people.


Going to your very first EDC Vegas is an exciting moment, but how do you prepare for something that you have never been to before? Here are 15 tips to help you survive your first EDC Vegas. #edclv #edcvegas #festival #edm #electricdaisycarnival


Decide whether you will be camping or staying at a hotel


One of the biggest decisions you should have to make is whether you are going to stay at a hotel and commute to EDC by car, uber, or shuttle. Or if you are going to stay at Camp EDC and walk across the street into EDC. Both ways get you to EDC and you can have a great time, but people have different preferences.


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Ridesharing is costly


Be prepared for getting transportation to and from EDC because ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft can cost a lot due to high demand. Plan ahead what app you want to use to get there and back and check out how much it will cost you. Don’t forget that you will also be losing some time due to a ton of traffic getting there and back to the strip.


Don’t miss your shuttle bus


If you plan to take the shuttle buses that go to specific areas of the strip then make sure you buy that exact pass. They also have selected times that you have to choose from when checking out your pass. This means that those are the only times you can get on the shuttle and if you miss it then you missed it and might have to find a different way back. This may also mean that you have to leave earlier from EDC than you would like because the shuttle passes sell out of the later slots pretty quickly.


Going to your very first EDC Vegas is an exciting moment, but how do you prepare for something that you have never been to before? Here are 15 tips to help you survive your first EDC Vegas. #edclv #edcvegas #festival #edm #electricdaisycarnival

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