• There are many types of people that go to raves, but there are some people that are just down right annoying. Check out these most annoying types of ravers. #rave #festival #edm
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    9 Most Annoying Types of Ravers

    Raves and festivals can be filled with many wonderful people to meet and make friends with. Problem is that there are also those ever so annoying rave goers that you try to avoid. And sometimes it is impossible to avoid them.   I bet you are wondering if you know people like this or if you yourself are an annoying type of raver. Or maybe you just want to know so that you can avoid them even more.   Either way, let’s find out who these people are.   Related: What Ruins a Rave   The Most Annoying Types of Ravers   Mid-life Crisis   These are the people that…

  • You will hear about breastfeeding a lot during pregnancy and even if you don't have kids. But do you know the benefits of actually breastfeeding? #breastfeeding #pregnancy #motherhood #newborn
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    8 Benefits of Breastfeeding

    Times have been changing and lately, mothers are trying to go the natural way of feeding their babies. There are many benefits of breastfeeding for both the baby and mother. It is no wonder why it is catching on quickly.   Do check out 14 things that no one tells you about breastfeeding as well to help prepare you.   What are the benefits of breastfeeding?   Cost less   One of the biggest benefits that bring women to breastfeed is that it cost basically nothing compared to formula. The biggest cost of breastfeeding is food for you to eat healthily. Or potentially a pump.   Pumps can be paid…

  • Breastfeeding can already be a scary thing for so many reasons. Find out 14 things that the don't tend to tell you about when it comes to breastfeeding at lifeofaura.com. #breastfeeding #motherhood #pregnancy
    Breastfeeding,  Motherhood,  Newborns

    14 Things They Don’t Tell You About Breastfeeding

    Everyone has heard that breastfeeding is best for your baby because of a, b, and c. There are a ton of benefits that I could start naming off. Breastfeeding also has some things that no one really tells you about.   Deciding to breastfeed is a wonderful, but hard decision to make because society was used to everyone using formula. With the change back to nature some people aren’t prepared for it.   If you want to check out the benefits of breastfeeding then head over here.   14 Things they don’t tell you about breastfeeding   You may have to supplement with formula   When you are at the…

  • We all love music and having a great time, but people just love to ruin raves for others. Check out what truly ruins a rave at lifeofaura.com. #rave #edm #edmshow
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    What Ruins a Rave

    I know we have all heard about raves and usually what we think about is the bad things. Though, in reality, they can be quite amazing and bring people together from all walks of life. Raves are a blast, but there are a few things that ruin it for everyone and cause the stereotype of raves to be bad.   There are many types of people who attend a rave and some are those who attend EDM festivals as well. I could go into a long talk about the type of people at raves, but I won’t in this post. If you want to know the most common types of…

  • Having a hard time coming up with ideas of what to write about then check out our fall blog post ideas at lifeofaura.com. #blogideas #blogging #postideas

    100 Fall Blog Post Ideas

    Alright, fall/ autumn is almost here! Which means oranges, reds, and browns all over the place. Don’t forget the weather changing and the holidays coming up. So you get to wear sweaters and all of the best fall clothing! That also means new blog posts and I have ideas for you to make it easier when you have no clue what to write about.   If you can’t tell, fall is my favorite season. I just love it. Well, let’s just get to the wonderful ideas for you.   100 Fall Blog Post Ideas   Holiday Posts   Halloween DIY costumes Halloween costumes for children Halloween DIY projects How to…

  • Newborn babies are adorable, but there are things that no one really tells you about that you usually have to find out on your own. Well let me help you out with these 11 things about life after labor on lifeofaura.com. #motherhood #newmom #lifeafterlabor

    11 Things They Don’t Tell You About Life After Labor

    Congratulations! You probably just had a baby (or going to have a baby and doing your research beforehand) either way babies are just wonderful and such a blessing. Only thing is that most people don’t mention what happens afterward.   You may hear about how adorable your baby is and about all of your sleepless nights soon to come, but there are things that you will wish they would have told you beforehand. I know I got a sudden wake-up call with new instances that no one decided to tell me about.   Let me help you out.   Related: 14 Things They Don’t Tell You About Breastfeeding   Here…