Ever dreamed of working from home or anywhere in the world? Well set yourself up for success and avoid these mistakes. #lifeofaura #blog #blogging #makemoney

5 Things You Should Not Do When Starting a Blog

Be a stay-at-home mom and still make an income? Not a mom, but want to make an income from home still? Want to travel the world and make money anywhere? How about choosing when to work?


This isn’t as uncommon as people think it is. There are many ways to make money from home, but filling out surveys isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So how do others make money from home or anywhere in the world?


They blog.


Yup, you can make money blogging and you can do it from anywhere in the world. Enjoy time with your kids, take a vacation or just travel for a living. Blogging can be such a wonderful thing.


If you already are thinking about blogging and want to make money from it then you need to make sure you aren’t setting yourself up to fail.


Many succeed and many fails, but what sets these two groups apart? Well, many things can, but the biggest difference is that those who succeed treat blogging as a business and not a hobby.


So what you should not do when starting a blog?


Treat it as a hobby instead of a business.


Obviously, the first thing is that you should not do if you really want to make money is think blogging is a hobby. Many people may just blog as a hobby, but that does not mean they will make any money from it.


Hobbies are there to make you happy and for you to enjoy after work is over. It is to just mess around with overextend amounts of time, not let you work from home.


If you truly want to make a living so that you can do things like to stay home with your children then you have to realize it is a business. And a business can not run without someone taking care of it. Or manage to survive when all shortcuts are taken.


That means it will take work. Just like taking care of a child, you have to nurture and grow the blog seriously.


Use a free blog site.


Even though it may be tempting to start off with a free blog site to create your blog you will not be able to make money for a long time. Reason being is that you cannot monetize your blog until you pay for it to be hosted and have your own domain.


If you want to test the waters then feel free to start out that way, but realize that it won’t show you any form of reality if you want to make money.


Another good thing about investing in a domain and having your site hosted is that all hosting sites make you pay upfront and this can help you stay committed to your blog.


Think that you won’t have to invest in your blog.


There is no way that you will be able to have a successful blog if you don’t invest. The first thing you will have to invest in is your domain name and hosting, but that is not the end.


It is sad to say, but just like every other business, you need to invest in your blog. Once you make money from it, then you should also be investing back into it with what it had made you.


Many successful bloggers invest in courses, books, people to manage social media accounts, and many more things to make it easier on them and to learn. Learning never ends with a blog and you should really know that. They also invest in things like a new theme for their blog or paid versions of plugins.


Another thing you will have to invest is time. Whether it be the time that you are learning or the time to put everything together.


If you don’t have someone else managing your social media, then you will have to do it yourself. There is also the content for the blog that you have to create. Your time, especially in the beginning, will truly need to be invested to make any money for a long time.


Write for yourself.


Not everyone wants to hear about what your cat does daily. That means you shouldn’t be writing just about things you like or want to write about. You can write about what you want, but it won’t get you anywhere if no one wants to read it.


You will need to understand that to actually make money blogging you will have to write or create content that helps others. Things people want to read. Surprising isn’t it?


Well if you google questions that you have then someone else probably has the same question. Your job would be to answer these questions. When you are able to answer someone’s question then you will be able to gain traffic. And traffic is pretty important.


So, if you truly want to make money then try answering questions that people would have. What you would look up or research is probably a good start for you.


The last biggest mistake is comparing yourself to others.


In today’s society, we are used to judgment and comparing people to each other. That usually happens with bloggers as well. The biggest problem is that many new bloggers will compare their success to more veteran bloggers.


That means they are comparing their day 1 to basically a successful bloggers day 209 or year+.


Do you see where this is a problem? How could a new blogger’s day 1 even compare to a blog that has been growing for some time? It can’t. Plain and simple.


Each blogger has things that they have to overcome and each niche has its own challenges. So, day 1 for anyone begins somewhere totally different. They also have their own strategies and places that they start at.


Some bloggers may already have a following and connect to their personal accounts for social media. Others may start completely over and try to challenge themselves to keep things professional.


Some bloggers may have 20+ blog posts completed and others may just have a single post up.


It is almost always different. Just make sure that you’re not comparing your day 1 to someone else’s day 100 or so. It will probably bring you down if you try to compare. If you look to see what you could be doing or checking out blog income reports to inspire yourself then go for it. Inspire yourself, don’t compare.


Recap time


  • If you want it to make money, don’t write for yourself, write to solve other people’s problems.
  • Treating a blog as a hobby instead of a business will not make you money.
  • Thinking that you won’t need to invest in your blog, both time and money is foolish.
  • Comparing your day 1 to someone else’s day 209 or so is a big no-no.
  • Don’t assume you can make money on a free blog site, get a domain and host site. Test the waters then sure, but it won’t do you any good otherwise.


Yes, there is a lot going into the makings of a successful blog, but you can do it. People have done it before and are still doing it. It may be a lot of work and you may get depressed from time to time when you don’t think things are going well, but that happens. Just make sure you set yourself up for success and learn all that you can.


Now it’s your turn!


Have you noticed that you do or did one of these things? Do you wish you would have known about them beforehand? Any other advice you would give about what not to do? Let us know down below in the comments.


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Ever dreamed of working from home or anywhere in the world? Well set yourself up for success and avoid these mistakes. #lifeofaura #blog #blogging #makemoney

Ever dreamed of working from home or anywhere in the world? Well set yourself up for success and avoid these mistakes. #lifeofaura #blog #blogging #makemoney

Ever dreamed of working from home or anywhere in the world? Well set yourself up for success and avoid these mistakes. #lifeofaura #blog #blogging #makemoney

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