Having a hard time coming up with ideas for July posts? Check out these 75 ideas at Lifeofaura.com. #blog #blogideas #blogtips

75 Ideas for July Blog Posts

Hey, lovelies! It is summertime and some of us might have gotten stuck in a summer slump.


Creating content is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with something to write about. We are all human and we aren’t inspired every minute of every day. There are just those days where we draw a blank or just can’t break past those clouds in our creative minds.


So, I came to help a bit. I know when I am in a slump I love to look at ideas other bloggers come up with and maybe then I will strike a bit of inspiration. That is where this series of posts come into play.


More to come in this series are monthly ideas for you in various niches and seasonal ideas as well.


Let’s not waste time and get to it!


75 ideas for July blog posts


4th of July Specific Ideas


All ideas just for the 4th of July with many different niches in mind.


  1. Must have list
  2. Makeup inspiration
  3. Makeup tutorial
  4. Activities for young kids
  5. Activities for the whole family
  6. Favorite recipes
  7. Favorite store haul
  8. Dollar tree or dollar store finds
  9. Outfit inspiration
  10. Outfit ideas for kids
  11. Family traditions
  12. Best sales going on
  13. Diet friendly 4th of July foods
  14. Keto friendly holiday food
  15. Party ideas


Motherhood/ Pregnancy


  1. How to survive a summer pregnancy
  2. The importance of sunscreen for babies
  3. Summer activities for the whole family
  4. Summer activities for children by age
  5. How to survive summer break with children
  6. Signs of overheating and why you should watch out for them
  7. How to treat a child’s sunburn
  8. Child-friendly summer chores
  9. Summer cleaning routine
  10. Family day/night activities
  11. Diaper bag essentials
  12. Healthy summer snacks for kids
  13. What do homeschool kids do during summer
  14. How to homeschool children during the summer
  15. How to treat yourself when the kids are out of school for the summer


Food Niche


  1. Best 4th of July food
  2. 4th of July recipes
  3. Keto diet-friendly foods
  4. Keto friendly 4th of July meals
  5. Diet friendly 4th of July
  6. Healthy summer snacks
  7. How to stop eating out during the summer
  8. Foods to beat the heat of summer
  9. Is organic food really organic?
  10. Best farmers markets near you




  1. Summer simple makeup looks
  2. Summer simple makeup tutorials
  3. July favorite makeup products
  4. Summer simple hairstyles
  5. Summer skin-care routine
  6. How to treat a sunburn
  7. Summer wedding makeup ideas
  8. Summer wedding hair ideas
  9. Everyday makeup looks
  10. Favorite lightweight makeup products




  1. Best summer hacks
  2. July favorites
  3. July inspiration
  4. How to beat the heat
  5. Summer organization ideas
  6. Best beaches near you
  7. Summer festivals to attend
  8. Local farmer markets near you
  9. What summer nightlife looks like near you
  10. Favorite songs of the month
  11. Favorite Netflix binge shows
  12. A new movie that came out review
  13. Favorite stores to shop at
  14. How to save money during the summer
  15. How to survive summer college classes
  16. Summer birthday party ideas/ themes
  17. How to drink more water
  18. How to learn a language during summer




Create your own challenge or talk about challenges that you have tried or seen.


  1. Blogging challenge
  2. Fitness challenge
  3. Food challenge
  4. Pinterest challenge
  5. Social media challenge
  6. Self-care challenge
  7. Makeup challenge


There you are.


75 ideas for blog posts during July. If you want more of this series be sure to check back for our August post ideas! Honestly, I love coming up with ideas for you all and plan to continue coming up with ideas for you.


Now if you want more about blogging then…


Keep reading:



Your Turn!


What is your favorite month for blog ideas? Where do you come up with your inspiration? What are your favorite things to write about? Let us know in the comments below! And if you like the post then share it with others who may find it useful as well.

Having a hard time coming up with ideas for July posts? Check out these 75 ideas at Lifeofaura.com. #blog #blogideas #blogtips
Having a hard time coming up with ideas for July posts? Check out these 75 ideas at Lifeofaura.com. #blog #blogideas #blogtips
Having a hard time coming up with ideas for July posts? Check out these 75 ideas at Lifeofaura.com. #blog #blogideas #blogtips

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