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Hello, My Dears!

I am Stephany and I am both a raver and a mother. I absolutely love raising my daughter. Though I may not be very experienced with being a mother, I enjoy the new journey I have ahead of me and would love to share it with you. I do spend a lot of my time with my daughter, but that has not stopped my love for music.

I truly enjoy EDM (some KPOP as well here and there) and I enjoy going to shows and festivals. Attending raves is one of my favorite things because I love meeting everyone. The environment and the people are just so welcoming and enjoyable to be around. I am a bit more of a shy person, but I find it so easy to talk with my fellow ravers out there. And I truly want to share the experiences I have had with all of you who might be on the fence when it comes to festivals and raves.

With both motherhood and EDM in mind, I realized how often I was answering questions about these two topics. Thus, Life of Aura was born. I was never the type to be into writing, but I wanted a place where you all could come back to my experiences and the answers to these frequently asked questions. Now, Life of Aura is mainly focused on festivals and motherhood, but we are a lifestyle blog that will be branching out into other areas as well.

I am accepting guest posts now as well. If you would like the chance to have an article posted on Life of Aura then send me an email at admin@momwhoraves.com. In the email make sure to mention the type of post you are looking to submit and/or send me a draft. I hope to hear from you!

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I am also on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and soon to be on YouTube! Come and connect with me!

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