Baker Cyst Relief with CBD Balm

Baker cysts are just the worst. They come and go when they please and they can last your entire lifetime. There really isn’t a “cure” for it. So how are you supposed to put up with this annoyance for your lifetime? The answer is a CBD balm.

I have had baker cysts behind both of my knee caps since freshman year of high school. What can the doctor do? Well, they can put you in physical therapy to teach you how to stretch to help it when it flares up. Or some doctors are willing to drain it for that one time you are there. But there really wasn’t a solution.

*I am not a doctor, pharmacist, or a medical professional. I am just a human being who has pains and finally found something that worked wonders for me and wanted to share what I have found for you. I am not getting paid for this post or earning any commission from any links.*

Baker cysts are very unwanted and can give you a lot of pain specially since they will always come back. Thankfully I found something that works in no time to get you walking again without pain. #bakercyst #painrelief

What is a Baker Cyst?

A whole lot of annoyance over built-up liquid behind your knee. If you want to get technical it is a popliteal cyst, which is a lump on the back of your knee that is fluid-filled. It causes a lot of tightness and restricted movement. 

In cases like mine, it causes enough tightness that when it flares up I can’t straighten my leg or even put pressure on that leg. It hurts way too much.

A Baker cyst is caused by knee injuries, many types of arthritis, and other knee conditions that would cause inflammation.

How does one treat a Baker Cyst?

When it comes down to it a Baker cyst is supposed to go away on its own. But that doesn’t help when you have a flare-up because you can be in a ton of pain. Many ways that doctors try to treat the flare-ups are with physical therapy, fluid draining, and steroid-like cortisone.

Though doctors are trying to treat the pain with these options I never found much relief from them. I went through physical therapy many times because I still play sports with the Baker cysts and it is mainly some stretching exercises that can help from time to time.

Fluid draining would happen too often for those who have flare-ups all the time and it is not a very fun process. Let alone going to the hospital often. And things like cortisone never truly helped my pain or the tightness I felt.

So how do I fix my Baker Cyst flare-ups?

With this little blessing, I found called a CBD balm. I use this brand called Papa & Barkley which you can find right here. Now sadly my brand is only in California so far, but there are others out there that you can check out as well.

Now I use this Releaf Balm by Papa & Barkley and it works wonders. Just a small amount of this balm applied to the Baker cyst and within minutes the pain goes away and so does the tightness. Even on the days that I can’t step on that leg because of a flare-up, if I put this balm on it I am walking like normal again in just a few minutes.

I have found that my favorite ratio from them is 3 CBD: 1 THC and it works so well for me. I even use it to fix my eczema when nothing else would work. It says that is should last between 2-3 hours each time, but usually, when I put this ratio on my Baker cyst I don’t have to worry about it for the whole day.

Plus, when you use the balm it makes it a lot easier to do things like stretching because the pain goes away. Thus making it easier to do physical therapy and potentially getting that flare up to end.

Baker cysts are very unwanted and can give you a lot of pain specially since they will always come back. Thankfully I found something that works in no time to get you walking again without pain. #bakercyst #painrelief

Is the CBD balm psychoactive?

No, it is not. Although there is a lot of people who think that anything dealing with cannabis has a psychoactive part to it, this balm does not. It also has a simple list of ingredients that are friendly to sensitive skin and the environment.

What are the ingredients?

In the Releaf Balm from Papa & Barkley the ingredients are:

  • Cannabis
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax 
  • Essential Oil Blend (Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender)
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • And Natural Terpenes

Now the ingredients are the same for both of their ratios, the CBD 3: THC 1 and the CBD 1: THC 3.

Are there other uses for this balm?

Definitely. My family, friends, and I have used this for many pain and inflammation problems. Whether it be eczema, back pain, arthritis, or even sore muscles. There are multiple uses for this CBD balm.

If you want to find out more about products like this from Papa & Barkley then head on over to their website. They have many more formulas that are made for different forms of pain that they wanted to help people with.

And if you want to find out how I used this same balm for fixing my horrible head-to-toe eczema head over here.

I really hope this helps all of you out, especially with that very annoying, come as it pleases, Baker cyst!

Baker cysts are very unwanted and can give you a lot of pain specially since they will always come back. Thankfully I found something that works in no time to get you walking again without pain. #bakercyst #painrelief

2 responses

  1. Margaret

    I started taking CBD oil 3 weeks ago, and i had had a bakers cyst behind my knee for 3 1/2 years……well i noticed last week that the cyst was decreasing….i thought ….finally!!!! Then yesterday, i felt the back of my knee, and the cyst is not gone !!! Its was the size of a big lemon….gone !!!! Was it the cbd oil, or just an odd coiNcidence ????? I dont have proof, but i’m thinking its cbd related !!!! Just a hunch….anyway, im thrilled !!!

    1. I’m sorry that this happened to you. Just remember though that there is no cure for a baker cyst and they will always come back no matter what. It is still extra fluid building up behind your knees. I have just had luck with CBD oil to keep it under control and relieve my pain from trying to walk or straightening my knees. If it is getting worse than what it has ever been then you should talk to your doctor.

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