We all are tied to social media. Why not make it easier on yourself to design the perfect posts. Check out more at lifeofaura.com #blogging #Canva #pinterest #bloggingtips #socialmedia

Best Website for Social Media Designs

Having a hard time designing pictures for your social media posts? Or even just trying to get Pinterest pins that get clicked? What about saving time when designing? Then I think you should be checking out Canva.


Many times I see people suggesting PicMonkey for designing things such as social media posts and pins for Pinterest. I checked it out and realized it honestly wasn’t for me. It seemed so much more work than I wanted it to be.


That’s when I found Canva. Not going to lie this beautiful website made my life 100x easier.


Where PicMonkey seemed so stressful, Canva was a breeze.


Disclaimer: I do want you to know that I am not getting paid for this post and none of the links are affiliate links. I just believe in Canva and wanted to share with you something that I find so useful.


What is the best website for social media designs?


Free Options


So thankfully you can use Canva without having to pay monthly for it. Many times there are trials for everything, but Canva is different. If you don’t have the money to pay monthly then you don’t have to upgrade.


There are a few things that aren’t available for the free version, but nothing that will really hinder your work.


Preset sizing


This is great because you can choose what you want to make and it already has the sizings for you. If you need a Facebook banner, and Instagram post, a Pinterest pin, etc., they have the correct sizing you will need. It takes the guessing out of designing.




Once you choose what you want to make there are preset templates that you can choose from. There are free templates and premium. The free ones have plenty to choose from and sometimes are more appealing than a premium one.


Great thing about the templates is that you can even create your own to use over and over again. This can keep your content consistent and make life easier on you.


Great fonts


Many times you can’t seem to find a font that you like. With Canva you can. There are plenty of fonts already there for you to use, but you can add your own as well. The templates even have certain fonts that they think go best with them where you won’t have to find a new one if you don’t want to.




You can customize all templates. That means you can change all backgrounds, fonts, colors, and designs on each one. Whether it be a template or not. There even are filters that you can use with more options of brightness and more.




With the free version, you only get 2 folders, but if you pay for it then you can have as many as you want. Store certain designs in folders to help you keep track of those very special designs. Or just to help yourself with the organization and make it easier to find what you need when you need it.


Brand colors


Set your brand colors so that you don’t have to find them every time you design. With the free version you can only save up to 3 colors as brand colors, but with the paid, you can do more.


Paid version


Not exactly needed, but is still very nice once you grow larger. With the paid, you even can set the exact fonts that you use all the time to make it quicker when designing. There is even the option to put our logo under the brand page for easy access.




  • Free options
  • Preset sizing for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more
  • Free templates to choose from
  • Great fonts that are also free
  • Customization for all things
  • Folders to keep track of the designs made
  • Can set brand colors
  • Paid isn’t necessary, but is nice to have


Honestly, Canva is wonderful when you need to design things. It makes it so much easier to use than others like PicMonkey. Plus, with gorgeous preset templates that you can choose from you can try them out to see what works for you. Or you can create your own template and save it to use for further posts.


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We all are tied to social media. Why not make it easier on yourself to design the perfect posts. Check out more at lifeofaura.com #blogging #Canva #pinterest #bloggingtips #socialmedia

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