Blogging can make you money from home, but you have a huge learning curve ahead of you. Check out the biggest lesson you should know so that you don't make the same mistake a lot of us make. #blog #blogtips #bloginsight #bloggingtips #blogginginsight

Biggest Lesson to Learn About a Blog

Hey guys! There are many times we feel that we are just drawn to something and we just don’t understand where to get started. I wanted to have a profitable blog and always hear that it is easy. Boy, was I mistaken. I had to learn a lot of things the hard way and the first thing I had to learn was to take the first step.


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How is it that the first step is always the hardest?


I know that in the end, I wanted to be able to stay home with my children to give them as much time with me as possible in their early years, but I was so scared to take the first step into becoming a stay-at-home mom. The thing was that I was introverted and confused about how to make things happen.


I knew that I always want to have an income even if it is from home because it puts my mind at ease and makes me feel that I am always doing something productive, but how do you do that when you stay at home?


You search the internet. That was the first step, right? Well in a way yes.


Research should always be the starting point, BUT you have to make sure it doesn’t end there.


Many times I would tell myself that I wanted to do that and never went through with it, but what good is learning about how to make money from home and doing something you may love when you don’t even take the step to go for it?


So what did I find when researching how to make money from home?


Taking surveys


Seriously I tried and tried with this one, but never liked it, never made much money, and usually didn’t fit the criteria for most surveys which wasted my time.


Doing small tasks for other people


Sounds simple right? Not for me. I am introverted and I just couldn’t get past that. I am the person who doesn’t really know her neighbors because I never got myself out there. Meeting people is great, but it usually took a lot of effort to push myself and I could not do that every day.




I actually tried to become a transcriptionist many times, but it is either hard to get in or hard to get enough work to complete. Sitting there listening to other people (that may be hard to hear) was not very fun to me. I will link another article about places that you can apply to transcribe for if you are interested in that as well.


Alright, what next?




This is the biggest one I see time and time again. And let me tell you it will be difficult when you start out. You always see these articles about how starting a blog is easy.


It is not.


Blogging takes time, patience, and dedication.


In 2016, I tried to start my very first blog because that is what people said makes the best money. I went about it COMPLETELY WRONG. Picking things that I wanted to see, not what OTHERS wanted to see.


Fashion is a passion of mine and I won’t be giving that up anytime soon, but creating a fashion blog was not for me at all. I tried so hard to pick out the outfits I wanted to show, have someone take tons of pictures of me in an outfit, and finding what to write in the article about the clothing.




For I am no model. Never modeled before in my life. I did research, but man did I hate being in front of that camera. All those eyes staring at me wondering what I was doing was not for me.


Then, I had to pick out of the pictures and we all know that you are your worst critic. Out of so many pictures that were taken my friends liked, I hated most of them for the silliest of reasons. But, there would still be a couple that I would like enough to choose. Once that was finished I now had to write the articles to go with it.


I dreaded this part because I never knew what to say. I thought the clothing would speak for themselves and that I would instantly write an outstanding article as soon as I finished the rest. There I would be sitting for hours staring at pictures and end up writing a terrible article that had no value to my readers.


I was failing hard. I kept going with this a few more times and with less than 10 posts published I quit. Yup, I ended up quitting right then and there. Thought it was not for me.


But, I was wrong.


I was so caught up with making sure everything was perfect from the get-go that I overloaded my brain and made bad choices. When you start a blog there is a lot to plan out. And I do mean A LOT.


From choosing a niche, a theme, layout, name, setting up the website itself, who to host it, what to write about, and even how to write it. You are bombarded with setup and questions from the start and it can be overwhelming.


But the thing is I actually do enjoy helping others and writing articles. I was just overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do and not knowing where to start and what to complete first was frustrating.


So, yes, do your research, but remember to actually take a step in the direction you want to go. You may have to spend the time to make a blog yours and be patient with the learning curve, but you will get there. Just believe in yourself, push yourself, and everything is trial and error. If you get stuck, research some more, change a few things and get back at it!


The biggest thing I have learned though is to write to help others solve a problem, NOT for yourself!


There can be times that you really want to write an article and it mainly is for yourself, but remember that most of your content other than that needs to be helpful for your readers.


You need to think that the most searched things on the internet follow the words “How To…” and write about the things that you can help them with. Whether it be: How to sew, how to make a blanket, how to cook like Gordon Ramsey, how to stay at home full-time, how to budget, how to get a baby to stop crying, how to travel. This list can go on and on and that is exactly what you want to be aiming for.


If you want to see a list of articles that made me change my mind and start another blog I suggest looking at Best Help on Starting a Blog.


I also have an article, How to Choose Your Blog’s Hosting Site, where I show you the differences I have had between using Bluehost and Siteground.


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Your Turn!


What was the biggest lesson you have learned during your blogging career? What about before you even started blogging? Any advice for those who are thinking about blogging? Let us know in the comments below!

Blogging can make you money from home, but you have a huge learning curve ahead of you. Check out the biggest lesson you should know so that you don't make the same mistake a lot of us make. #blog #blogtips #bloginsight #bloggingtips #blogginginsight

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