5 easy steps to planning your blog's content smoothly. Check it out at lifeofaura.com. #lifeofaura #blogtips #bloghowto #blogging

How do Bloggers Plan Blog Content

Do deadlines come around so quick that you have no clue what to write? Do you struggle to find inspiration on the spot to write a brand new post for your blog? Then maybe you should start planning your blog content ahead of time.


Many times writers can get writer’s block and that is normal, but the content is still supposed to go out right? Well, when you take time to come up with ideas and then plan them out it makes content creation a lot smoother.


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What is planning blog content?


When you set aside some time for planning each month or so to determine what content you want to post and when. Some bloggers post only once a week, whereas others may be posting 3-5 times a week, or daily. Either way, you need to know what you plan to be posting. If you take the time once a month to come up with a list of ideas and plan exactly which post is going up and when, which will save you time later on.


How will it save you time?


Coming up with posts on the spot can be pretty hard. It makes it much easier to gain writer’s block because you may not have any inspiration at that time.


Now you can decide to do this each week and only plan that week or the next week, but that can take more time as well. If you plan each month it makes it a lot easier to see what is being published and what you have already published. This way coming up with ideas and planning them can be done faster. You could even do a couple months at a time if you would truly like to.


What is so great about planning out a month at a time?


Planning a month can make it easier to create content that goes well together. This way if you have a series of posts that you would like to do, you can plan for them to go after each other and have it all make sense.


Now there are times when you may want to plan out more than a month and that is truly up to you. But I have found that this may limit your willingness to change things around when you come up with something else that may be better for your audience.


Having content planned for the month will make it a lot easier to keep track of if you do create around 10 or so posts each month. Especially when you are writing about more than one topic or niche. Instead of creating posts and having them go up in a random order, keeping the flow of your blog is important, just like consistency.


Does planning blog content help with consistency?


Actually, it can. When you take the time to plan out your content you end up feeling more responsibility for it. Meaning that it may give you more motivation to follow through and keep everything consistent. Sometimes motivation is hard to come by and creating as much motivation as you can will end up helping you out in the long-run.


5 easy steps to planning your blog's content smoothly. Check it out at lifeofaura.com. #lifeofaura #blogtips #bloghowto #blogging


How do bloggers plan blog content?


That’s a wonderful question and I am here to help. Let me give you the steps you will need to plan out your blog’s content.


Step 1. Create ideas


At first, you will need to think about what you are going to write posts about. Create a list of things that maybe you would enjoy writing about and questions even you would ask. This way you can have a good mix of content that you and your audience will like.


Step 2. Decide on when you are going to post


This is where you will have to figure out how many times a week you want to be posting content and when. Every blogger is different and has a different amount of time they can spend on their blog. Some are stay-at-home moms or dads, some still have another job, some may even have multiple jobs, etc.. We are all different and in different situations.

So, take the amount of time you have into account and decide what is best for you and your audience. For me, I post 3 times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


Step 3. Choose your content


Now take the time to search through your ideas and pick out the ones you would like to use. Keep in mind how many times and when you are going to post and choose accordingly. If you have a series you are thinking about doing, figure out if it would make sense to post it according to your scheduled times.


Step 4. Picking which day each content is going up


After you have taken the time to choose your content it is time to decide what days each will be posted. Simple as that. Just pick which topic you want to have go up for each of your scheduled days. Not really difficult, but sometimes can be annoying when you can’t seem to decide which ones you want up on a certain day.


Step 5. Treat yourself


You may be wondering why this is a step, but it truly should be because you did it. You just finished planning out your content for the month (or more or less, up to you) and you deserve a treat. It may be something small or just a few minutes of rest, but you have accomplished a meaningful task that will help you out in the long-run, so treat yourself.


That’s all the steps you need!


Completing these steps (including step 5) will help you be prepared and motivate yourself to stick to your schedule. It can even help you stay consistent with your content and post regularly. So, save yourself some time and make it easier on yourself to write content by planning it all out beforehand. Of course, you may plan more than one month if you choose so, but sometimes just a month at a time is all you need.


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Your Turn


Do you plan your blog content? How long do you plan for? Have you found it easier to plan longer amounts like a couple months ahead or do you prefer just a month at a time? Let us know!

5 easy steps to planning your blog's content smoothly. Check it out at lifeofaura.com. #lifeofaura #blogtips #bloghowto #blogging
5 easy steps to planning your blog's content smoothly. Check it out at lifeofaura.com. #lifeofaura #blogtips #bloghowto #blogging

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