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How to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Views with Tailwind

Feeling like you have slow traffic even though you post pins on Pinterest? What about having enough time to dedicate to pinning throughout the day? Life would be a lot easier if you could just schedule everything one day and it goes up whenever you want them to. Well, you can actually. Tailwind is one of those amazing schedulers for Pinterest. They also have Instagram now.


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How to Skyrocket your Pinterest views


So for me, it took a long time to figure out how to gain traffic to my site. Actually, I am still trying new technics. You really shouldn’t stop learning or trying new things. I like growth. And I really wanted to see more growth happening.


I would use Pinterest to look up insight into the blogging industry. It so happens that I kept running across pins that said Pinterest could grow your traffic. 2 and 2 finally connected.


Every time I clicked to see the full article after a pin I was adding traffic to another blog or business. When I would save their pins for future use, they would gain a bigger audience to that pin.


So, I hopped on the train as quickly as I could. Thing was that I felt I was getting nowhere for some odd reason. Did a little more digging and found out that I was doing everything the harder way. Which ended up taking much more of my time than needed.


That’s when I learned about Tailwind. My time with Pinterest then became much more efficient.


Why do you have to pin throughout the day instead of just in a sitting?


Pinterest prefers active users. When you spam all of the content in a single sitting then you are no longer active the rest of the day. To stay active you would have to spread out all of those pins over an entire day. By being an active user your pins will usually reach a larger audience. This is because Pinterest is basically rewarding you for being on a lot. That larger audience is really what you want. It makes it a higher chance of traffic to your site.


What about Instagram?


I won’t be going deep into the Instagram section because I am still pretty new with Instagram. I do know that you want your post to be in the top list because people don’t usually scroll too far down. They look at the top and then are off doing something else. Being consistent is pretty key with Instagram though. Scheduling will help you stay consistent which may land you a spot on the top. Scheduling also helps with you posting during the prime times. Many people live very busy lives and you can’t always be ready to post during specific times of the day. If it is scheduled it goes up without a hassle.


Save some valuable time.


Your time is valuable. And if you are starting a new blog then you have so much to do. There will be so much to learn and decide upon. Spending all of your time on Pinterest isn’t ideal. It can be tough to stay active on Pinterest. Having to be pinning throughout the day, every day.


There are probably so many other things that you need to get done in your day too. It could be errands. Eating. Spending time with family. You name it. So, why spend more time trying to get on Pinterest all day long?


It’s pretty hard to get on every hour or so. Let alone find the exact content you want to post too. Sometimes you find all of the good things at one time. You wouldn’t want to lose them, so you end up posting them all. Well, Tailwind makes it so that you can find all of the content at once. Yet you don’t have to pin it right away. You can actually schedule it for later.


Setting times


Tailwind allows you to choose how much you want to post each day. And when you want them to be posted. You can add time slots per day or even take some away. This way you are in control over the whole set up of your account.


They have this amazing feature that takes the analytics from your Pinterest account and sets up Smart times. Smart times are where they believe you get the most activity. Based on your analytics they judge what time your traffic usually comes in and bases it around that. This way you don’t even need to think about when to pin. It takes the guessing work out of pins.


Don’t worry though. If you do want to set specific times you can. You can even change the whole schedule time slots if you would like.


How does it work?


There are a few steps to getting a pin scheduled. The more you do it the more it becomes muscle memory.


  1. Pick the pin that you want to post.
  2. Hit the Tailwind schedule button on the pin.
  3. Choose what board to post it to.
  4. Edit the description if you would like.
  5. Either choose a set time and date. Or you can skip this step if you want to just schedule it next in line.
  6. Hit the schedule/ add to queue button.
  7. Presto! You are finished.


That’s it. All scheduled. If you look at your pin time slots you can drag a post to a different time slot. That way if you want to change the order of the pins you can. If you want to change the day they go up then you can. Simply drag and drop.


If you truly wanted to you can choose a day. And dedicate that day to scheduling the rest of the week’s pins. Or maybe you want to have 2 weeks already scheduled. 3 weeks? A whole month? It is possible. Saves you more times too.


There would be no more thinking for a little while there. More time that could be spent on other work or other tasks.


They even have this wonderful thing called…




These are groups of people using Tailwind that can help each other out. If you post a pin to a tribe board other members can re-post it to their own. This adds more content for them to pin. Also, it adds more views of your own pin. It basically is like throwing a wider net.


Tailwind will show you how many times your pin has been re-posted. By which member of the tribe. In case you want to help them back. And how much of a potential audience it has from being re-posted.


You can join multiple tribes. They can be about anything. Whether it relates to your topic completely or is just an overall board that anything can be posted.


Sometimes the more open tribes that are for anything can make it harder on you. They aren’t specific to a topic or niche. Which means anything and everything can go up. Now there is more you will have to search through just to find a pin you like.


Quick Tip: Don’t just pin random pins to look active. Only pin/schedule ones that make sense on your boards.


Tribes have rules.


Many tribes will try to enforce rules to keep the board from overpopulating. They don’t want you to add so many pins, yet not schedule someone else’s pins.


Good rules that you will usually see are the 1:1 ratio and the 1:2 ratio. The 1:1 ratio means that for every pin you post to the tribe board you must schedule someone else’s pin. The 1:2 ratio is similar. Instead it is for every 1 pin of yours you need to schedule 2 from someone else.


Tribes that enforce these rules usually get the best results. That’s because they actually actively pin. If someone was only adding their pins and not pinning someone else’s then they could be kicked out.


No one wants to pin someone else’s things and yet never have their own pinned.


Having your pin on someone else’s board gets you a higher reach in audience. The higher reach you have can lead to a larger audience for you. And more traffic to your site.


Why not try it out?


Tailwind lets everyone test it out before they choose to invest. They give you 100 free pins that you can have scheduled. They also give you access to basically everything. Including tribes. That way you can truly see if this is something that will be good for you.


You can get used to the process during the trial. See if you like it. Then choose to keep using Tailwind or see if something else works better for you.


Good thing is that they give you tutorials and videos for everything. They even give you a sample pin to walk you through the process. That way it already starts up your muscle memory and guides you through it efficiently.


There are trial and error for everything in life. Especially for a blog. Check out my Biggest Lesson to Learn About a Blog. Maybe it will help you to learn from my mistakes.


If anything just give Tailwind a shot. Use those 100 free scheduled pins and see if it is worth it for you. It never hurts to try it out.


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Have you found that staying active on Pinterest is very time consuming and hard to do? Check out the best way to make Pinterest easier. #blog #Pinterest #Tailwind #howto

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