Festival Season has come!

It is festival season once again and I know we have all been waiting for it. I know I cant wait for all the great festivals out there! But have you checked out whats new for festival season? Are you prepared? If not...

Lets go!

What Ruins a Rave

I know we have all heard about raves and usually what we think about is the bad things. Though, in reality, they can be quite amazing and bring people together from all walks of life. Raves are a blast, but there are a few things that ruin it for everyone and cause the stereotype of […]

100 Fall Blog Post Ideas

Alright, fall/ autumn is almost here! Which means oranges, reds, and browns all over the place. Don’t forget the weather changing and the holidays coming up. So you get to wear sweaters and all of the best fall clothing! That also means new blog posts and I have ideas for you to make it easier […]

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