Want to get free products to review for testing purposes? This batch of items were all about the glitter life. #iglitterlycan't #productreview #lifeofaura

The IGlitterlyCan’t Voxbox Review

Alrighty guys, today we will be talking about products that I got complimentarily for testing purposes by Influenster.


If you don’t know what Influenster is then you can head over here for a full post just on it. But let me give you a summary real quick anyway.


What is Influenster?


So Influenster is a site/ app that is basically all about reviews. Consumers review products on this site and help out other people by letting them know their experiences. It also helps out the manufacturers of basically any product you can think of by getting real feedback from consumers.


What will happen is companies will want feedback and reviews from consumers so they will give Influenster free products so that they can send these products to consumers. When the consumers get it they are to test out the products, write a review, and post on social media.


The free products are in what they call a VoxBox. Just a group of free products in a box with different themes depending on the products. They even have VoxBox news to give you an insight of what is going out and went out to their influencers.



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The IGlitterlyCan’t VoxBox


This is the VoxBox that I ended up getting and they decided to go with I Glitterly Can’t as the name. The reason being that there were glitter products in it. Makes total sense.


Now with the products that I got, I was to review them and post social media pictures with them or using them and with specific hashtags. Super easy to do. Just write an honest review and copy and paste specific hashtags.


With each of the brands that sent products, there were special badges. Complete what they ask and you get the badge. Well, it’s not just a badge you get don’t worry. If you complete the tasks and get the badge they will place your name into a drawing. For most of the companies, it is either a full-size version of the product, a new color of the full-sized version, or a bigger basket of many products from that company.


Some of the items you will love a lot and be hoping you get the prize for completing the badge.


What came in the VoxBox? Let’s get to that.



Trial-sized Kenneth Cole Fragrances


Kenneth Cole sent out three different trial-sized fragrances for this VoxBox. The scents were: Energy, Serenity, and Intensity. To me, I wasn’t very excited to get a fragrance because most of them irritate my nose and just give me an instant migraine. These ones weren’t too bad, but I would never choose to wear them. They just aren’t for me.



Eva NYC Kweeen Glitter Spray


This is a glitter spray and you can use it on your body or your hair. It isn’t bad on your hair, but I don’t think there are many occasions that it would be appropriate. Now, this would be great for a rave though. You could easily get glittery with this spray or use it for touch-ups.



Caudalie Vinopure Skin Perfecting Serum


I love a good serum and I love small pores. The only problem is I can’t use this serum. My skin is way too sensitive for this serum that it starts to burn. Many people have had great results, but it is meant for combination to oily skin and mine is very sensitive dry skin. If you have more of a combination or oily skin then feel free to check it out because it might work well for you.


Truly don’t know why they would send me this one though because in my profile it states that I have dry skin and not oily skin. That is okay though. Mistakes happen and it was free, so no reason to complain.



Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask


This is the second product that Eva NYC sent out and it is a hair mask. I personally haven’t used many hair masks because I didn’t see the need for it since my conditioners really did their job well. But this hair mask wasn’t bad. It did what it said it would and it was nice.


Only thing is that I probably won’t use this much because I don’t go for hair masks. If you are looking for a good hair mask then you may like this one. It has Keravis Protein and Argon oil in it so it is supposed to deeply condition, repair and strengthen. It is also meant for all hair types so that you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with that.



Stila Cosmetics Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in the color Cloud


I am so happy that we got to the final product because this one is my favorite. So, Stila Cosmetics sent a liquid eyeshadow out in the color Cloud. Cloud is a lavender and gold pearl color that just look super stunning. They have a large selection of colors to choose from if you want to check them out, but everyone who got the VoxBox got Cloud.


The applicator is pretty good, but if you want more of a precise line you will need a brush instead. The color is super pigmented and lasts pretty long, so you should be pleasantly pleased. I personally plan to get more of their liquid eyeshadows because they are just wonderful.


Want to get free products to review for testing purposes? This batch of items were all about the glitter life. #iglitterlycan't #productreview #lifeofaura


So What Exactly was in the VoxBox?


They kept is simple.



Well, there you have it! The IGlitterlyCan’t Voxbox overview. If you like this type of post let us know by sharing, liking the post, or commenting below! Depending on what you guys think I may continue to make more posts just like this.


Check out more!


Want to get free products to review for testing purposes? This batch of items were all about the glitter life. #iglitterlycan't #productreview #lifeofaura

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