It’s festival season! The most exciting season of the year. Now all you need is the perfect outfit. These 7 websites have amazing outfits to choose from! #ravewear #rave #festivalseason #festivals #raveoutfits #festivaloutfits
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Top 7 Websites for Rave Wear

It’s festival season! The most exciting season of the year. Good weather. Good music. Great experiences. And don’t forget the new friends. Now all you need is the perfect outfit. These 7 websites have amazing outfits to choose from.


What are we waiting for? Let’s get to it.


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First and foremost there is Amazon. That’s right Amazon has basically everything. Whether you need clothing, accessories, or beauty supplies. Amazon has it.


It is a bit more spread out and you will have to look for each section individually, but it has everything nonetheless. Get your tops and bottoms. Maybe a wrap skirt. Body glitter or face jewels. It is all conveniently right there. That means only checking out once.



Don’t forget they have the Prime membership which can give you free 2-day shipping.


I Heart Raves


They are one of my favorite sites to get my ravewear from. They love to have sales during festival time and man can their prices drop. Their prices aren’t really bad in the first place, but we all love a good sale. They did just finish their 12 days of Vegas sale which had some amazing sales.


The clothing is fantastic and can sell out pretty quickly. Don’t worry though because if what you want is sold out they usually get it back in stock after the sales end. You can also check on Amazon if they run out on their website because they also post some of their items there as well.


Free shipping on all U.S. orders that are $60+ is great.




Want to check out more of their amazing outfits then go take a look at their Instagram @iheartraves.


Rave Wonderland


Another great website with such beautiful clothing. Rave Wonderland even carries many types of face jewels. It makes it much easier to come up with designs for your makeup and they are gorgeously designed.


Rave Wonderland actually has some handmade items that may take longer to ship. Be cautious when it gets closer to a festival. As you want to make sure they have time to complete it and ship it out before festival day.


The handmade items are supposed to be shipped out within 10 days of ordering though. Not too long, but order ahead of time to be sure.



Check out their Instagram @ravewonderland.


Dolls Kill


Mix the old style rave clothing with the new. They have extreme patterns with modern silhouettes. Some of the old style gear with a modern twist as well. There are many collections that can catch anyone’s attention. If you love clothing that gets you noticed then you will love this brand. Check out a few of their outfits.



Dolls Kill also has shoes are to die for! Super cute, cool, out of this world, or just downright stunning, they have shoes you will love.


If you are brave enough to rock patterns with neon colors then I suggest giving Dolls Kill a look. Check out more @dollskill.




IEDM sells clothing for both men and women, accessories and even blankets. That’s right full-sized blankets with amazing designs. All of their clothing and blankets have prints and patterns that you will love.


From Pickle Rick tank tops and hoodies to Astro cats and Llamacorns. And if you don’t know what a Llamacorn it’s a llama unicorn! These bright and colorful designs stand out from the crowd and will definitely get your attention.


Their pricing is pretty average and they have free shipping on orders $75+.







Check them out @iedmofficial.


Your Lamode


This site is a bit pricey as well, but they have some outstanding outfits. They try to keep the patterns toned down and a bit more elegant. The modern silhouettes are simply gorgeous. And nothing to take lightly because these are real show stoppers.


Sadly they only cater to women. Though they do have regular dresses as well as lingerie. So in a way, they still think about the guys. Just not men clothing.


Check them out @yourlamode.




The last on this list is one definitely not one to forget about. Etsy has many shops that sell handmade outfits of all kinds. Whether you want to dress as a ninja, a mermaid, or even go as a unicorn they have you covered.


Most things are made to order so it can be a bit expensive and take longer to make. This means more customization from some places. Though the more complicated the work the longer it can take. So stay in touch with the shop to make sure everything is on track.


Order these early that way they will be there before the festival times get closer. Plus less worrying over the time frame and them being shipped out in time.


Here are a few of my favorite shops on Etsy that do such a great job:

  • VinylDolls – Custom RaveWear, Rave Outfits and Fluffies
  • TheLYTECouture – High-quality handmade wear for the wanderlust souls!
  • LipglossWear – Sexy Custom Costume, Festival & Rave Clothing
  • And there is many more to see!


Don’t forget the Kandi!


There you have it the top 7 websites to get your rave wear from.


Whatever your goals are for your look these websites are bound to have it. Mix it up and have fun with it. You can be whoever you want to be.


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Your Turn!


What’s your favorite rave wear website? What style do you love when it comes to rave wear? Is it comfy, spiky, bright and colorful? Let us know in the comments below!

It’s festival season! The most exciting season of the year. Now all you need is the perfect outfit. These 7 websites have amazing outfits to choose from! #ravewear #rave #festivalseason #festivals #raveoutfits #festivaloutfits

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