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Why You Should Be Batching Blog Tasks

Struggling to keep up with the work that needs to be done for a blog or website? Can’t seem to feel productive because you just seemed to slowly put out content or get work done? Then I think it’s time to change it up and find a new way to handle your tasks.


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Why you should be batching blog tasks


If you look at the more successful and established companies or blogs you will notice how they don’t seem to miss a beat. Everything looks so clean and nicely done. That’s what we all aim for. But it takes time and strategies to get there.


Batching is a strategy that can help with this. You need to plan things out, but it can make life easier.


What is batching?


Batching is when you do a task in bulk. For instance, outlining multiple posts in one sitting is batching. All you are doing is working on outlines. Nothing more and nothing less. It gets that task done and then you move to the next at a different time where you have it scheduled.


The next task you could batch is writing those same posts. Or SEO optimization. Or creating the pictures you plan to use.


As long as it is the same task, but for multiple posts then it is batching.


How can batching help you?


You can save time.


Saving time is important. Everyone only gets 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, not more not less. How we spend that time should be important.


If you are batching tasks you tend to get more done because your mind is already set on that task. It is easier on you to keep making pictures or writing when your mind was already in that mindset.


The more you switch between tasks the more your mind will have to catch up to remember what you need to know about the new task. Whether it be the shortcut keys for typing, the fonts you prefer for social media pictures, even your writing style. It takes up time for your brain to catch up and get into the right mindset. So batching can help save you time in the long run.


You feel much more productive.


The more things you manage to accomplish the better you will feel. With batching you are getting so many of the tasks out of the way for multiple things.


For instance, if you need to complete a brand new blog post you will have a lot to do. Instead of coming up with the topic, creating an outline, writing it, creating the pictures, SEO optimizing it, and everything else in one sitting just do smaller bits.


Batch tasks for multiple posts. That way once you get through the process once you will end up with many posts done. You get more done and feel much more productive. With less stress to accomplish it.


Planning becomes much more achievable.


You can even batch your planning tasks. Set aside the time to plan everything out into more manageable tasks. This makes it not only easier to plan but to feel as if you can stick to the schedule.


Seeing that you have to complete an entire post in say 4 hours can seem overwhelming. But if you see that you have 4 hours to write 3 or 4 outlines it seems a lot easier and more achievable. This will also ensure you are putting out higher quality work instead of settling for lower quality.


Quality takes time, don’t try to rush it.


If you feel that you don’t have enough time to complete tasks you will rush them. This can create lower quality work as a result. And you should only be giving your best every time.


That’s where batching helps lower the number of tasks you will truly need to do in a day. Space tasks out to make it less stressful and easier on yourself because there is no need to make something harder than it actually is.


The more time you feel that you have to complete a task then the more you will work to make sure that it is what you want to put out. Not something is thrown together last minute.


Quick Tip: No content going up is better than putting up low-quality content. Bloggers and business owners are only human. That means we get busy and things happen in our lives. It is only natural so readers and clients understand that you may miss a day here and there. But if you give them poor content just for the sake of putting content out then you are disappointing them. So no content is better than poor content because your readers deserve better than that.


Why not give batching a chance when it can help you out with all of these?


  • Saves you time.
  • Less of a hassle because your brain is already focused on one task.
  • Productivity is easier to see and accomplish.
  • Makes it easier to plan everything out and stick to it.
  • Quality work takes time, don’t rush it.
  • No content is better than poor or low-quality content.


Try batching out and see for yourself how helpful it can be. Maybe it will become your new way of accomplishing all tasks. Maybe not. What works for some may not work for others, but you won’t know unless you try it.


Personally, it helps me.


I may not be you or have your stressors in life, but I do have my own to deal with. Batching tasks helped manage that stress for this gorgeous blog you are on. Life of Aura takes a lot of work and managing everything personally can be quite difficult. Once I found this little trick of batching everything started to fall into place.


Batching tasks can work for things other than blogs as well. Meal prepping, preparing kids activities, doing homework, and much more can be done by a form of batching.


Want more? Keep Reading!


Batching your tasks for blogging will make it 100x easier to accomplish your tasks. Check out all of the benefits at #blog #blogging #bloggingtips #bloginsight

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